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Zipline Plitvice - Flying isn’t just a dream


Have you ever dream of flying through the green valley surrounded only with a pure nature? If you have, this tour offers ‘dream come true’ experience. Zip-line activity is not only a matter of having an adrenaline rush, but it is also about to experience a mixture of wildlife and peace from up above. If you are afraid of heights, make sure that soaring through the air, this rush of adrenaline will leave you hungry for more. Situated at the western border of the national park Plitvice, this zip-line center boasts with its 1700m steel wire, which is the longest one in Europe. Entering the rural valley where the center is situated, you will meet our high professional staff. They will lead you through all the way, instructing and providing with the zip-line equipment. After the briefing, you will have a short ride to the 'jump station' up in the forest across the valley. At the top of the mountain is a start point with a stunning view of famously called 50 shades of green valley. Now, it is time to break out of your shell and broaden your horizons. Lying down with the ‘head first’ position and attached to the wire, your flying journey starts. The descent takes a few minutes, and it depends on the wind speed and your weight. Being 80 meters above the ground, the view stretches over three beautiful Lika valleys. If happiness is the goal of your vacation, and it should be, then experiencing a zip-line adventure should be a priority.

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Suggested itinerary
08:00h Departure │ Split & Trogir
11:00h Zipline start point
12:00h End point │ Walking & Exploring nature
13:30h Free time │ Optional Village lunch
15:30h Return │ Split & Trogir
18:30h End of the tour
- Restaurant reservations are on request
From 110 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

∗ The price depends of group size

Price includes:

As an additional service, we are able to make a reservation for the restaurant

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