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Trogir old town - Open air museum


Take a walk through narrow streets and listen carefully whispers of the past. Trogir is deservedly called open-air museum by its treasures dating back to the 2nd century BC. This medieval stone beauty has a lot to offer: a large concentration of churches, monasteries, and towers ranging from Romanesque and Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque styles. Our guide will provide you the experience of 1, 5 hours full of legends and myths which start from the Kamerlengo fortress as the first and the most famous highlight in Trogir. This fortress was originally connected with the city walls as a part of the defense system. Climb up and walk around the walls to take a picture with an exceptional view. As we continue along the famous Trogir promenade, you will hear a lot of legends until we come to the masterpiece – Cathedral of St.Lawrence. This cathedral is one of the finest architectural works in Croatia. Check for the grand Romanesque portal built by Master Radovan, baptistery filled with cherubs and the bishop. There are plenty of other sights during this guided tour that will be revealed to you during the tour, such as a visit of Kairos relief in the Benedictine monastery and porch of the loggia where you may even hear the famous Klapa performing. Let your senses guide you and feel the spirit of history.


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Suggested itinerary
11:00h Start with the guided tour
12:30h Lunch (optional)
- Transfers and restaurant reservations are on request
From 20 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

∗ The price depends of group size

Price includes:

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