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Taste the soparnik - Intangible cultural heritage of Croatia


If you are interested in the tradition of the area, its history, and authenticity, there is no better way than tasting some local specialties. Soparnik was the dish of the poor, and today it represents highly appreciated delicacy. To the locals, it is not difficult to prepare it, but it takes a lot of experience and practice, which is passed down over generations. This traditional dish is made as savory pie, with a swiss chard filling, in Croatia known as ''Blitva''. Its preparation has been popular during the religious holidays when fasting with cabbage, chard, and wild herbaceous chard. This16th-century meal is supporting evidence for the frequent attacks by the Ottomans, who at the time, impoverished the area and became severely scarce. The population was forced to come up with dishes that could help them survive. As chard is one of the main ingredients of this area, they had thought of putting it in the dough. The very appearance of Soparnik was changing, and its form as we know it today originated in the 18th century. Nowadays, it is an indispensable part of any celebration, and it is becoming even more popular for travelers. Being able to start this journey from Trogir and Split, this tour offers a package with transfers, cooking lessons, and tasting. After picking you up at the pre-arranged meeting point, while having a pleasant ride, our guide will introduce you to our gastronomy. Over the centuries, a lot of different cultures left traces, not just material ones, but intangible heritage as well. Passing through picturesque villages and towns, you will hear about local traditions that are related to them. Entering the village of Gate, a local family will welcome us to their home where this presentation will be held. As a part of welcoming, you will taste several kinds of domestic grappas as well as anchovies, dry figs, and cherries. You will participate from the very beginning of the process, making delicious and traditional soparnik. Ingredients and the process are very simple, but this lady has done thousands of them to perfection. Feel free to participate and ask whatever you find interesting about this specialty or traditions of the area. Besides making and tasting the soparnik, we can arrange a traditional lunch as well, which this family will make for you with pleasure. This storytelling will be for sure one of the best memories you are going to bring back home. Remember, traditions matter. We need to cherish them for their survival and our mindfulness. To combine an impressive guided tour of the Split Old Town with the soparnik cooking lessons, check for the special tour.

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Suggested itinerary
10:00h Departure │Trogir & Split
11:00h Arrival │ Gata Village
11:30h Soparnik cooking lessons
13:30h Return │ Split & Trogir
15:00h End of the tour
- Traditional lunch is on request
From 80 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

∗ The price depends of group size

Price includes:

As an additional service, we are able to include traditional lunch

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