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Split old town - Tales of Emperor Diocletian


Take a journey through overflowing history and visit all the cultural sites which will reveal its secrets through the turbulent centuries. Emperor Diocletian built one of the most preserved Roman imperial complexes and today’s UNESCO heritage site – Diocletian’s palace. It represents one of the strongest pieces of evidence for which Split is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean coast. Walking through massive admiring complex, you will end up at the very heart of the palace – Peristyle square, a place where Emperor Diocletian once addressed the public. Nowadays, Peristyle is the ideal theatre scenery, the stage where plentiful urban life continues. Furthermore, you will continue your walk passing through the excellently preserved substructures of the Cathedral of St. Duje, built as a mausoleum for Diocletian. This walking tour ends close to the Golden Gate, where the big statue of Grgur Ninski is located. One of the foremost Croatian sculptors Ivan Meštrović made this statue in honor of the 10th-century Croatian bishop. There is a belief that rubbing his left big toe brings you good luck. It is not a scientifically proven fact, but it’s a nice closure of the tour. Maybe this luck one day brings you back to Split, where you would still have much more new to see and explore.


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11:00h Start with the guided tour
12:30h Lunch (optional)
- Transfers and restaurant reservations are on request
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