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Mystical night of Trogir - Dark stories illuminated by lantern


If you are interested in a slightly different walking tour, this is a perfect thing for you. You will experience Trogir as famously called - Little Venice, by night, walking its narrow, hidden streets. Our guides, dressed in black, carrying the light when the daylight goes off, will help you see Trogir’s history from a completely different point of view. This tour will give you an insight into the dark stories of the medieval town of Trogir while walking its cobbled streets, illuminated by nocturnal guide’s lantern. Stories of its noble families, intrigues, revenge, and murders which make this town mystical even today. Our mission is to make tourists feel like locals, to transfer them into a long time ago, by creating a magical, yet eerie atmosphere addressed to the excitement and intrigue. Let the lantern lights guide you through the myths and legends of this medieval town. Prepare yourselves for a night, filled with stories of revenge, intrigues, and murders of noble families that make this town mystical and intriguing even today. Open up your senses, relax, and give it a try!

FORTRESS KAMERLENGO - Listen to the story of great love and even greater despair happening in this majestic medieval fortress

PILLAR OF SHAME – The most common punishment during the Middle Ages where the convict was publicly displayed

PAJTONI'S HOUSE - Some people say that the spirits of three sisters still cannot find their peace and are still haunting this house – their house

We keep our programs flexible and dynamic. Each itinerary is uniquely created and adjustable due to your wishes. A flexible itinerary refers to smaller, more logistical changes. It will never be changed in a way that detracts from your experience, but will instead always improve it for you. Feel free to set up preferred timings, to express your wishes with some additional service we could bring to our programs.

Suggested itinerary
19:30h Start with the guided tour
20:45h End of the guided tour
21:00h Optional dinner
- Transfers and restaurant reservations are on request
From 20 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

∗ The price depends of group size

Price includes:

As an additional service, we are able to include transfers and reservations for the restaurants

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