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Mystical night of Split - Whispers of the past


Real people, real tragedies, real love stories, real Split in its own words – this is what this walking tour essentially is. Dressed in black, carrying the light when the daylight goes off, nocturnal guides are presenting themselves as the Spirit of the Old Split who still lives in the walls of its Diocletian's Palace. Slowly wandering the narrow, hidden streets of Split, nocturnal guides are theatrically retelling stories of the true soul of this city. Its citizens are ordinary but extraordinary people, heroes worthy to be honored in the history of this town, unfairly never mentioned in the ordinary walking tours, representing this ancient city of Split. This tour states, that the history of one town is not just a set of facts about great and important events. It's written down by people from the audience, from the margins, small and ordinary, as much as those big and extraordinary ones. It is colored with sounds of Meditterean and strongly inspired by Miljenko Smoje, the most famous chronicler of Split. Love for this city is found in his words: If this city was under a tent, we would have the biggest circus in the world! Let the lantern lights guide you through the tales of old Split. Prepare yourselves for a night filled with stories of the town's most charismatic, soulful, interesting individuals that were always referred to as the Soul of the city itself.

DIOCLETIAN'S PALACE - A story about the creation of Split and its founder - controversial emperor Diocletian

NEPOTOVA STREET - A notorious street where sexual service was provided

GHETTO - A story about the poorest people of this town

PEOPLE'S SQUARE - A story about the small but extraordinary people of this town

THE PROMENADE - A kind of mirror that best reflects the life and spirit of Split

CINEMA KARAMAN - The oldest cinema in Europe

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Suggested itinerary
19:30h Start with the guided tour
21:45h End of the guided tour
22:00h Optional dinner
- Transfers and restaurant reservations are on request
From 20 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

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Price includes:

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