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Honeymoon getaway - 8 days vacation


Lose yourself in blissful romance to connect with your better half and start with marriage having an incredible week fulfilling dream-like fantasies. Croatia is overflowed with mysterious natural beauty everywhere you look. Vibrant colors, warm climate, rich cultural heritage, and an impressive coastline makes this entire country a honeymoon paradise - seriously surreal. Let us plan your idyllic escape, where you can indulge your mind and body surrounded by treasures and beauties.

We keep our programs flexible and dynamic. Each itinerary is uniquely created and adjustable according to your wishes. Check for the program details, and if you want to customize it due to your preferences, send us all of the details through the custom made form.



After you get rest from the flight, it is time to explore exceptional Croatia’s capital city – Zagreb. Fascinating vibrant and cultural spot with its cobblestone streets, red rooftops, art deco, and baroque buildings is left for the sightseeing. Zagreb will leave you speechless with its numerous museums, monuments, and vibrant street life. Our guide will help you choose among the top attractions while revealing stories of each. When daylight turns to darkness, relax in one of the exceptional restaurants that serve meals using locally sourced ingredients.


Leaving this vibrant city behind early in the morning, we are taking you to the most romantic place of the Mediterranean - a picturesque and charming Rovinj. Its cobblestone streets, small squares, and the largest baroque church that dominates Rovinj will leave you speechless at first sight. This exceptional area is famous for its splendid gastronomy and intangible values. In the following two days, you will find out for yourselves are the bragging rumors for this valuable area true.


Today's truffle hunting takes place in the woods, so get prepared for a day spent in the pure nature where you will be able to learn about precious gems hidden in the forests of Istria. After learning about the gourmet gem worth the price of gold, you would be able to taste other treasures this ground has given - exceptional wine sorts.


Leaving romantic Rovinj behind, we are taking you to the sunniest island with one of the most beautiful harbors in the world - Hvar Island. On our way to the Split harbor, we will stop for the natural phenomenon which is internationally recognized and listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site – Plitvice Lakes. After savoring lush sceneries and cascading waterfalls, it is time for a popular outdoor activity - Zip Line. Situated at the western border of the national park Plitvice, this zip-line center we are about to visit boasts with its 1700m steel wire, which is also the longest one in Europe. After the flying journey finishes, it is time to reach our final destination - Hvar Island. Upon arrival in Split, you will say goodbye to your driver and continue with a journey by ferry. Enjoy on a warm summer night and get relaxed from all of the activities we had so far.


Since vacations can be exhausting sometimes, you will have a morning to relax and enjoy easy walks or soak up the sun at the beach. In the afternoon, we are taking you for a vineyard tour in the middle of paradise. It is not only about tasting wine's unique flavors but learning about this exceptional area while having fun at the same time. Today you will recharge your batteries for the next adventures.


It is time to leave one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic sea and continue for UNESCO's treasures. Getting into the Split ferry port, you will see one of the most admirable towns with its cultural and historical background. Take a rest until the afternoon when we are taking you for an exceptional Mystical night of Split - a guided tour that will reveal some stories its walls are hiding.


Inevitable stop while staying in Split is undoubtedly the small charming town - Trogir. It is deservedly called open-air museum because of its treasures dating back to the 2nd century BC. Known for its tangible and intangible valuables, it offers a lot of activities for the travelers. Today you will be joining a traditional cooking lesson with a great and entertaining chef in one of the oldest stone houses in the area. To be able to appreciate and understand local cuisine, you will visit fish, meat, and green market and choose over the menu together with your chef. While having three to five courses, you can learn a lot so, listen carefully and feel free to participate as an assistant. Once all of the cooking is done, it is time for gathering and tasting all of the delicacies prepared.


After all of the exceptional places you have visited, it is time to say goodbye. We hope that the memories we have created together will last for a lifetime. If you ever want to return, Croatia has to offer a lot more treasures and we promise, you will be amazed each time like it is your first one!

Itinerary price can vary due to requested period, number of people, inclusions and additional requested services.

Each itinerary is uniquely created and adjustable according to your wishes. Please, fill out the contact form to get your tailor-made travel proposal.


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