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Salona & Klis - Massive ruins and remains


Visit remarkable traces left by the Roman Empire and bring to fullness your history knowledge of the Split area. You have probably heard of a famous Diocletian’s Palace and its emperor, but did the story of Split begin from its foundation? Salona ruins are overshadowed by the admiring complex of Diocletian’s Palace. The first mention of Salona was in the 7th century BC, and the Diocletian’s palace was built in 305 AD. The emperor was born in Salona which, at the time, was the largest settlement in Dalmatia. Nowadays, Salona represents the part of an archaeological park. The ruins are testifying the importance of the colony under Roman rule. Wandering this empire of ruins is a journey that will take you to the era of gladiators, emperors, and Christian martyrs. After experiencing ruins of amphitheater, baptistery, and basilica through interesting stories of the turbulent history, it is time to continue our journey to the Klis fortress. This medieval fortress was built in the mountain pass of Kozjak and Mosor overlooking the city of Split. Due to its location, it represented an important part of a defense system, especially against Ottomans. Its magnificent walls and stone paths offer not only important historical facts, but probably the most spectacular views of Split and surrounding mountains. Klis fortress was recognized as a perfect location for filming popular Game of Thrones TV series and set of the Meereen city, so today it represents a must-visit attraction for its fans. Let the imagination guide you through turbulent stories, myths, and legends of the past visiting these most famous stone beauties of the area. As a perfect closure of this tour, you can visit underground world sculptures made of stalactites and stalagmites in Vranjaca Cave. Situated 15 kilometers away from the Klis fortress you can choose this extra stop as an additional experience.


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Suggested itinerary
09:00h Departure from Trogir/Split
09:30h Visiting Salona ruins
11:30 Visiting Klis Fortress
12:30h Visiting Vranjaca Cave│Village lunch (optional/additional)
14:30h Departure for Split/Trogir
- Visit Vranjaca Cave and restaurant reservations are on request
From 80 € per person | PRIVATE TOUR

∗ The price depends of group size

Price includes:

As an additional service, we are able to include visit of Vranjaca Cave or lunch

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